Sha La La

Who’s Sha?

Ah, yes. Welcome to my blog. Here you will read about things that inspire me, things I like … what I’m like. Over time, you all will get a pretty good idea of who I am. Be forewarned, I’m pretty epic. I’m here to bring you all along on my journey as I evolve, learn, and grow. I’m multifaceted with a tinge of ADHD – still epic.

Usually, I’m a “post and delete” kind of gal, but I’m finally ready to share my thoughts with the world. Here at Simply Sha, you’ll find content involving parenting, homeschooling, cooking, writing, gardening, and photography. Who knows, there may be more … I have a lot to unpack.

So, here it goes! I’m creating a space where I’m allowed to express my authentic self.

I hope that you all enjoy reading!

Peace and love.